More than 3,000 people have signed a petition opposing redevelopment plans in the centre of Northwood.

The petition set up by campaign group Northwood Voices was presented to an official at Downing Street on Tuesday, October 20.

Director of Northwood Voices Jon Marx said the proposed plans would “destroy about 17 local shops and businesses in that area”.

Transport for London unveiled plans to redevelop Northwood station, build 127 flats and houses and create more retail space in Green Lane and Station Approach last month.

The buildings on the station side of Green Lane, up to Taylor Made and Station Approach will be demolished. In their place, ground floor shops will be created and an additional three stories of flats will be built on top of these.

The current car park will then be developed into town-houses.

Mr Marx told the Watford Observer: “It will destroy about 17 local shops and businesses in that area and it will also affect the people who are living above the shops in the flats.

“It is going to destroy the village atmosphere in the centre of Northwood and turn it into something else.

“It will look like many other precinct towns or towns with this sort of development.

“The proposed development is also in a conservation area because of the nature of the architecture and buildings. The conservation area is in the middle of Northwood.”

While the platforms at the station will not be made longer, the entrance to the station will be widened significantly, allowing more people to access the station at one time.

Peter Byles, owner of Taylor Made in Green Lane, said the plans have left him fearing for his family’s future.

He said: “Our shop will be one of the shops that will be pulled down. They will not guarantee us somewhere to trade from during the development, which is going to last three years, so I could lose all my customers and if I want a new unit, I will have to bid for it against anyone else who wants it, I am not guaranteed a unit.

“I have got a sixth month old baby and my wife is on maternity leave, so I am worried about how I will provide for him and my wife.”

The 33-year-old added he had put quite a bit of money into the shop after thinking huge redevelopment plans had been shelved after the proposals to build a Sainsbury’s fell down.

“If it goes through, I will lose all of that”, he added.

At a public exhibition in September, head of property development at TFL Peter Elliot said the plans had been drawn up after a number of consultations with people in Northwood about how the centre of the town could be best used.