Residents say they are being "thrown out of their homes" in Abbots Langley so that it can be redeveloped.

Thrive Homes, who own the housing estate in Summerhouse Way, have been consulting the residents on their plans to redevelop the flats.

The housing association received a grant last year and are proposing to knock down the 24 two-bedroom flats and build 36 apartments.

Tony O'Reilly and Pat Butcher, of Summerhouse Way, spoke on behalf of the residents. They said: "This has come as a shock for majority of the residents.

"We feel like we have been thrown out of our homes.

"Some of us have lived here for a long time, we have family in the area - we are part of the Abbots Langley community."

Mr Reilly, a 48-year-old carpenter and locksmith, said that many of the residents are concerned of where they will be rehoused as there is not enough social housing in Abbots Langley.

Concerns have also been raised at the lack of support they are getting for being rehomed and the fact that the rent will almost double if they want to move back after the flats have been redeveloped.

Thrive Homes have asked the residents to register on Herts Choice Homes.

Ms Reilly added: "We feel like Thrive Homes are doing this just to increase their revenue.

"Many of us will not be able to afford the new flats so will not be able to move back - even though we have full time jobs. And there are some residents who are only being offered a one bedroom flat, because they live on their own.

"We're being thrown into turmoil with no other offer on the table. We would prefer to work with Thrive Homes rather than against them."

Another resident, Carole Butcher, is the only resident to have bought her flat through the right to buy scheme.

The 70-year-old, who has lived there for 48 years, said: "They let me buy this place in June - they must have known then what they were considering to do, so why did they let me buy the property.

"There are a lot of people here on their own, we look out for each other."

Abbots Langley councillor, Sara Bedford said: "Many residents have lived here for over 20 years and brought their families up in the flats.

"The plans from Thrive have been a real shock to many, who through no fault of their own face being chucked out of their homes, and in some cases forced to move away from Abbots Langley.

"I understand Thrive's desire to increase the number of homes available locally, but the fact that the new homes will have rents almost double the existing cost means that existing residents will be unable to return here".

Thrive chief executive, Elspeth Mackenzie, said: "We have no fixed plans as yet but we have been keen to be open about our intentions and to involve Thrive residents who would be affected from an early stage. We want to hear from residents, let them know our thoughts and for us to hear their views.

"The aim of the redevelopment is building for the future to create more opportunities for families to secure an affordable home, while looking after the interests of our existing residents.

"It is all part of our ongoing commitment to promoting thriving communities where people enjoy living."