A couple from Radlett became surrounded by a herd of horses as they walked their dog.

Andrew and Beata Green of Willow Way in Radlett were walking their dog on November 15 when they cross a field between Barnet Lane and Allum Lane.

As they made their way across the field, a herd of horses began trotting towards them and caught up with the couple before they had chance to escape the field.

Mr Green said: “It was quite unnerving. The horses surrounded me as I was holding the leash of our dog.

“My wife managed to get out of the field but I couldn’t as the horses were surrounding me. The biggest horse then knocked me down.

“They didn’t do anything else and this has never happened before.”

The couple, who often walk through horse fields around Radlett, downloaded the route and were following signs and directions.

“We have no idea who owns the horses and it was the first time I felt threatened by some horses,” Mr Green said.

No one was badly injured.