Neighbours are urging their council and police to do something about the parking issues in Bushey.

Michael Halper, and others living around Herkomer flats off Melbourne Road, Bushey, are asking Hertsmere Borough Council to make the street a one-way system.

Melbourne Road is a busy street in the area that many people use as a shortcut to reach the A41. Campaigners say that as the road is narrow, people park on the pavement – forcing pedestrians to walk in the road.

Mr Halper, who lives in Herkomer flats off Melbourne Road, said: “There is going to be a terrible accident. The road should be a one-way system.

“The main problem is that cars are parked on the pavement and because it’s a very busy road there is a lot of traffic as people use the road as a shortcut to the A41.

He added: "My grandson lives around the corner and sometimes I have to push him in his pram on the road because there isn’t space on the pavement. It’s very dangerous.

“Sometimes coming out of our driveway it is virtually impossible to see the oncoming traffic.

"I have spoken to the police and they said they will do something about it.”

According to Mr Halper, he has thought about making contact with the Hertsmere MP Oliver Dowden after trying to speak to his councillors.

PCSO Carole Bull said: “There is an issue on Melbourne Road with people parking on the pavement.

“People have been warned that they will get ticketed if they obstruct the pavement.

"There is definitely an issue there but I don’t know the solution.” Bushey St James ward councillor Carey Keates said: “Melbourne Road is a nightmare.

"A lot more cars use it than before and it is quite a narrow road. Police have given out tickets to people who park up on the road.

When the one-way system was put in around Bushey Melbourne Road to Falconer Road was included.

“The residents were asked if they would be part of it but both of the roads said no and the county council said that if they change their mind then they could be included.

“I have approached the county council who said they are not willing to put in a system except for double yellow lines down one side of the road. That is not what is needed.”

Bushey Heath councillor Seamus Quilty said: “I am aware of the situation on Melbourne Road and I am working with traffic officers to solve the issue.”