Kat and Alfie landed at Walford Palace Theatre last night (Wednesday, January 13) to bring an overtly camp take on a classic fairy tale - Sleeping Beauty - to the stage.

As pantomimes go, they tend to be aimed at children, but not only did this production put on by the British Airways Cabin Crew Entertainment Society (BACCES), had children jumping up and getting involved, it had adults laughing at the countless sexual innuendos, and was also littered with references to the much-talked about British soap opera, EastEnders.

After all how difficult is it to mistake Watford for Walford - they're basically the same.

Set in the land of Nod, which actually is a place not to far from Hull, King Alfred (Stephen Knight) fell in love and married a commoner, Katrina (Lisa Bennett). Although here Queen Kat was from the heart of Essex - and I mean the stereotypical type. Her costume even bore a leopard print design and her best line was "get out of my castle".

The play starts with the couple, who just had a baby girl - Princess Harmony - organising a "Christmas thing" in Kat's words, in English, that's christening. They invite local fairies to be Godparents, except one, evil fairy Maleficent, played by Collette Lucas. She gatecrashes the christening and casts a spell, whereby on the princess's 16th birthday she would prick her finger on the needle of a spinning wheel and die.

Watford Observer:

As an amateur dramatics production from a cast who are not professional actors, Collette was sensational as Maleficent and was also probably the best singer on the night too.

Fortunately Queen of the Fairies, Titania (Stephane Scotto di Perrotolo), who is French changed this spell with his baguette wand, which was more of a phallic symbol. So rather than dying, Princess Harmony would sleep for a hundred years. The fairies are hilarious at times, they may not have been able to sing all that well, but they definitely made up for it with their jokes and silly costumes.

Watford Observer:

Of course no pantomime comes without the fool - Nanny McNophee (Richard Hickman) and also Dusty Springclean (Lesley Dickinson). The pair were full of wit, charm and slapstick humour, which the children loved.

Princess Harmony is awoken by Prince Handsome (Denise Tricker) and as this is panto, they do live happily ever after. But Denise's voice I have to say wasn't the greatest - she hit some bum notes whilst trying to sing in a key that may have been too low for her.

All in all this was a hilarious production of Sleeping Beauty. So the acting wasn't great and a few obvious mistakes were made but this was put on by a group of cabin crews who barley would have had time to rehearse altogether - so this was an impressive performance that the audience seem to have loved. And on top of that, it was all for charity.