The refurbishment in the Avenue Clinic in Watford has been praised by Watford’s MP Richard Harrington.

The £250,000 refurbishment started on January 11 and the clinic is hoping to open in at least 10 weeks’ time.

The new clinic is planning to have Health Visiting, Bladder and Bowel Care, Heart Failure, Podiatry and Children’s Speech and Language Therapy move from Garston Clinic.

Mr Harrington said: “The work being carried out here is impressive. I’m told in nine weeks’ time there will be 11 clinical rooms here instead of the present four. This will greatly enhance the service patients in the area will enjoy in the future.”

During the visit, Mr Harrington met with Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust’s Chief Executive, David Law and they spoke about the issues within the NHS.

During the refurbishment, patients services will continue to be delivered from the site.