Six affordable homes in Watford will no longer be built after the borough council agreed to a £220,000 payment.

Neville Hussein was granted permission to demolish two houses at 35-37 Marlborough Road to build 17 flats on the grounds that six affordable one-bedroom flats would be provided.

The three storey block of flats was originally approved by Watford Borough Council in 2010, and again in 2013 after development hadn’t begun.

Neighbours originally opposed the plans due to concerns about the lack of parking, the scale of the building and a change of character from a “family road”.

In a letter dated January 20, the council confirmed that the developer could pay £220,000 not to build the affordable housing and the money would go towards developing housing elsewhere.

The developer offered the payment after being unable to sell the six flats to an affordable housing provider.

Speaking on behalf of the council, David O'Neill said: "We are very serious about providing the maximum possible number of affordable homes in Watford.

"Unfortunately, new minimum floor space rules from the homes and communities agency meant the six affordable homes planned for Marlborough Road were no longer deemed economically viable.

"However, we have agreed with the developer that £220,000 be provided towards the future provision of affordable homes in Watford instead of the prior agreement."

  • Affordable housing is for people who are unable to afford to buy or rent houses generally available on the open market without financial help, as their only home.