Voodoo. Most people associate the term with black magic, cults and witchcraft. Google defines voodoo as ‘a black religious cult’ that combines elements of Roman Catholic rituals and traditional African ‘magical and religious sites’. But one group of friends have called their photography Voodoo Housecats simply because it sounds “cool”.

Voodoo Housecats Photography is made up of three photographers - Paul Hammond, aka King Boy, Edie Mitchell, known as Froot and The Spiller, whose real name is Alessandra Reda. The trio, who describe themselves as a “group of youths from a town made of boredom,” will be exhibiting their work, which does have a slightly dark edge, at the LP Cafe, Watford on March 18.

The project on display, Paul says, is an ongoing social study and the idea behind this exhibition is to give people a glimpse of their work.

LP Cafe, The Parade, Watford, March 18, 7.30pm. Details: thelpcafe.com or voodoohousecats.tumblr.com