Road users have slammed the ‘embarrassing’ state of the county’s roads and warned the government’s funding will not be enough to fix them.

Last month, the Department for Transport allocated nearly one million pounds for pothole repairs across Hertfordshire’s 3,000 miles road network.

The money forms part of the Government’s £250m Pothole Action Fund aimed at improving the local road network, but a county councillor has raised doubts on how effective the funding will be.

Stephen Giles-Medhurst, Liberal Democrat county councillor for Watford, blasted the funding as a 'con' and said it was not enough to fully tackle the region’s potholes.

He added the county faces a ‘substantial backlog’ of pothole complaints.

Many residents have complained that the ‘sad state’ of Watford’s roads has resulted in damage to their cars and listed what, they believe, are the worst roads across the county.

Bushey Mill Lane, Rickmansworth Road, Faraline Road, Bradshaw Road, Orphanage Road as well as the roads in Rickmansworth have all come under fire from disgruntled motorists.

One motorist said he had to spend more than £300 repairing two shock absorbers after driving down Bushey Mill Lane.

Maurice Wener, 67, said: "I travel to work to Bushey Mill Lane and encounter the roundabout at junctions of Bushey Mill Lane and Park Avenue. It is comparable to driving in parts of Mexico and Beirut.

"It is disgraceful that it can be left for so long without any repairs. It is an obstacle course to drive round without causing damage to vehicles.

"There are about 20 potholes by the roundabout and people have to swerve to avoid them. I have even seen a cyclist fall off his bike after falling in one."

Almost 20,000 potholes in the county could be filled in the coming year after new funding has been announced.

Hertfordshire County Council has been given a one million pound chunk of £50 million which has been distributed to councils across England to help them improve road surfaces.

Ralph Hitchcock said he has tried for two years to get potholes sorted in Rousebarn Lane, Rickmansworth. He said there are around 30 and some are up to 1ft deep.

The 72-year-old said: "This is a site of extended dereliction.

"There may be only three dwellings serviced by this road, but it is used considerably by walkers runner cyclists and horse riders and servicing to our stables.

"They are dangerous I am surprised someone hasn't broken their leg. It's pathetic."

Hertfordshire County Council's contractor Ringway deals with 10,000 potholes every year.

Rob Smith, deputy director of environment, said: "Hertfordshire's 3,000 miles of roads are among the busiest in the country, with over five billion vehicle miles travelled every year and this inevitably results in potholes and defects.

"This year we have spent more than £30m on road maintenance and repairs.

"While we welcome these additional funds from the Department for Transport as a step in the right direction, it would have been helpful if traffic levels had been taken in to account in allocating the funding.

"We will now look at how we could most effectively use this money to improve the condition of our roads."

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