As the two teams battled it out to be the champions of making ridiculously fancy looking cakes in Bake Off Creme De La Creme, we should have known it wouldn’t be easy watching.

After all, whenever you watch the show, you find yourself left thinking about nothing else but desserts, which is problematic when all you have to hand is a measly chocolate bar. And it’s just generally been tense watching throughout the series.

And for the final, they were given the task of making a banquet of desserts for 100 people – in 6 hours.

One team – Sajeela, James and Sam, pastry chefs at the London Hilton Park Lane Hotel – went for a Winter Wonderland theme (you can see it from the hotel). Their incredible showpiece included a helter skelter.

Plus, the most amazing macaroons.

(Screenshot/BBC Two)

And they also made this incredible ferris wheel out of white chocolate.

ferris wheel
(Screengrab/BBC Two)

But WARNING: this is when the disaster stuck.

See, Sam had to move it before the judges could try it…and afterwards it literally fell apart.

broken wheel
(Screengrab/BBC Two)

Viewers could NOT deal with this baking disaster.

Everyone felt really sorry for poor old Sam. What a mare he had.

And memories of Great British Bake Off disasters from other series came flooding back. At least Iain – who competed in the original Bake Off which stars amateur cooks – had Mary Berry to comfort him…

Sam explained afterwards that he had the wheel standing up for half hour on a table but that the kitchen was really warm. *cries*

But hey, chin up – the judges might have called it a tragedy, but we’re sure the wheel would have still tasted just as amazing in bits. In fact, yes, we would definitely have eaten it all still…