A senior Leave campaigner said Watford “shows the positives of settled migration” but warned this is different to other areas in the UK.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show 1,076 people moved to Watford from outside of the UK between 2013 and 2014.

In an interview with the Watford Observer, senior Brexit campaigner and former Watford Grammar School for Girls pupil Priti Patel MP talked about immigration, “Britain taking control of its own future” and the economic effect of Brexit.

Immigration has been one of the main topics ahead of the EU Referendum on Thursday, June 23.

The Minister of State for Employment said: “On June 23 we have an unprecedented opportunity to take back control of our country. We can take back control of our borders and have an immigration policy that does not discriminate against people.

“Watford is an amazingly diverse community and shows the positives of settled migration in Britain. There are many different communities.

“But it is very different to the type of migration we are seeing from people coming from countries from poorer economic prospects.

“Obviously the Eurozone crisis has led to an increase in migration. That has had a huge impact on us, in terms of access to public services and the government’s ability to plan services.”

The economics of Brexit

Priti Patel MP claimed Britain will contribute £9.7bn to the EU each year between 2016 and 2020 – more than some government department budgets.

“We have been clear when it comes to the economics and we can take control of billions we are forced to hand over to the EU.

“The EU demands £350m a week from us.

“That is money that could be spend on things like the NHS and other priorities our communities are concerned about, local priorities.

“Between 2016 and 2020 our net contribution will be £9.7billion. That is more than other government departments spend. It is more than the Ministry of Justice gets, it is more than the Home Office gets.”

Mrs Patel said leaving the EU could lead to Britain making deals with Commonwealth countries and “fast-growing economies” like China.

The senior Brexit campaigner and Conservative MP also rejected claims from US President Barack Obama that the UK would be at the back of any queue for trade deals.

She told the Watford Observer: “There is no queue. We will be able to trade with countries like America.

“There were 36 countries who exported more into Europe than us but they are not in the European Union.”

“Taking control of our own country”

“The real focus for us is who governs Britain.

“This is the chance to take back control of our country.

“We have been taking politics to the country and knocking on doors talking to people. We can take back control of issues in this country.

“Sixty per cent of the laws are currently made in Brussels. We do not have to choose to between trade and democracy”.

The country will go the polls next Thursday to decide if the UK will remain part of the European Union.