Thousands of people came out in force to enjoy the popular Croxley Revels on Saturday.

Organisers believe 7,000 to 9,000 people attended the annual event on The Green.

Schools, organisations and church groups took part in the procession before the famous Pushball tournament brought the event to a close.

And the event is continuing to grow, according to the organising committee.

Barry Grant, one of the Croxley Revels organisers, said: “We always seem to say that it was the biggest event yet. But this year that certainly seemed to be the case. There was a point halfway through the day, at about two or three, when it was a sea of people just looking at everything that was going on.

“It was great. There was a very good audience and the organisers had a good sense of satisfaction at the end. It was our best Pushball tournament to date, it was very hard thought and Harvey Road School won.

“The fact we involve so many local groups, including the schools and other organisations, makes the event self-perpetuating.

“The support we receive is amazing.”

The schools and churches in Croxley Green took centre stage as the procession moved through nearby streets just after 1pm.

Floats left The Green, turning down New Road, into Barton Way, joining Sherbourne Way, before heading towards The Green along Baldwins Lane.

The Pushball Tournament is where school pupils attempt to push a six-feet-tall beach ball through pre-determined goals.

An estimated 79 organisations also had stalls at the event.

Martial arts and dance groups and music performers also performed in the arena throughout the day.

Mr Grant added: “Years and years ago, we asked the police for an estimate on the number of people who come. And they put it at around the 10,000 mark.

“But if you look at Croxfest, where the area is much smaller, but there are lots of people clicking people in and out, and there is about 7,000 there. So I would there was around 7,000-9,000 people there.”