“Indian restaurants are not very authentic,” and “vindaloo is not a hot curry,” says food fanatic Shreeya Sahoo, who is about to embark on her own gastronomic adventure, providing homemade ‘authentic’ Indian food to guests at her home in Bushey.

The 32-year-old who moved to the UK from India six years ago, explains that: “Back in India, a vindaloo is not a hot curry, it’s more about the flavour.

“People over here look and base Indian food on how hot it is – they forget that it is not about the heat, it’s not about how much chilli powder there is in the dish – it’s the layers of different flavours that every dish has… and every single dish should taste different.

“In restaurants, it is the same tomato and onion based gravy that you get for a paneer tikka masala or a lamb roghan josh – you just have a different meat and heat, which I think is not right.

“When I cook at home, I know my food, I know what spices are going in.”

Shreeya is holding her dinner party through WeFiFo – an online platform, for home cooks, who don’t have much experience in getting themselves out there and are thinking about starting a business. Members can simply upload details of the event they wish to host, including a menu and then anyone can sign themselves up to come.

The mother of a four-year-old girl says: “I live to cook. I have always wanted to start my own business and it’s not that I don’t have the confidence in my cooking, but I didn’t have the time or the platform to do it.

“When I saw the website and saw that there are other people who have actually done it in the past and have been successful, I thought why not? It is such an easy way of getting word out there.”

Shreeya, whose comfort food is her mum’s fish curry with plain rice, adds that food has always been a big part of her life. “My mum is a brilliant cook... all mum’s are to be honest, apart from the ones who consider heating up cans of soup for dinner as cooking.

“I was never into cooking, because I just didn’t have the need to go and make food as my mum used to do that all the time. But when I got married and moved to this country, I knew that if I wanted to have my home cooked meals like my mum used to make, my comfort foods, then I’d have to do it myself. And that’s where the passion for cooking came in.”

The foodie, who admits she may be spending a bit too much money on meals for her family with a bill of roughly £500 a fortnight, says: “I’m always going to the big Tesco – almost every day and every time I spend around £40.

“People have called me a food hoarder, because I just buy food like there is no tomorrow – my cupboards are never empty.

“Most girls find shoes, bags or clothes as their comfort, but for me it is going to the supermarket and buying food. I buy stuff that I don’t need. I have food in the fridge to last me the whole week and I know that for a fact. But I would still go to Tesco, I would see something and think can I be bothered to take it from the freezer? I may as well buy it fresh now and use the freezer stuff later.

“That’s how it builds up. You can’t even put a finger in my freezer, it is that full. “ Shreeya, who won’t go near bananas or black pudding, adds that she does cook three different meals a day every single day.

“My husband can’t eat Indian food every day even though he is an Indian – he has to have a different cuisine each day, my daughter will not touch Indian food and I need my Indian food.”

For her dinner party, Shreeya is planning on having a selection of starters, which will include spiced lamb chops, chilli fish, chicken tikka bites and cafreal paneer skewers; the mains will be curried lamb shanks served with coconut rice and peshwari naan; and for dessert, rasmalaai – spongy cottage cheese patties in dry fruit laced with creamy saffron milk.

The decision behind the menu came from her time on Come Dine With Me.

“I was chosen to take part in Come Dine With Me a month ago,” Shreeya tells. “They came to my house, did the filming and everything but unfortunately in the end I did not make the final four. But this was the menu I was going to do for if I got through and thought it would be a good place to start.”

Shreeya will be hosting her evening on July 9. Details: wefifo.com.