Spice Girls memorabilia has become "kitsch" again says Liz West, who is not only a massive fan but also holds the Guinness World Record for collecting most the Spice Girls memorabilia - some of which is currently on display at Watford Colosseum.

The 31-year-old from Manchester has just under 5,000 individual pieces, none of which are duplicates and includes personal items such as shoes and costumes as well as items from when the group split to pursue solo careers.

Liz says becoming a collector happened naturally: "I first started collecting mostly because I was a fan. Like everyone else I loved listening to their music and swapping photographs in the playground like football stickers.

"I didn't even buy the singles back then, but then for birthday and Christmas presents I started to get Spice Girls related memorabilia - like a Polaroid camera - that was a big present, it was £50 back in the '90s.

"I instinctively used to keep everything in the packaging instead of using them like all my school friends, who would use the pencil cases, wear the t-shirts and the backpacks.

"Back then, with £3 from my pocket money, I would go to the pound shop to buy a bit of memorabilia and arrange it all on my shelves in my bedroom. I really enjoyed doing that."

Liz, who's favourite Spice Girls songs are Wannabe and 2 Become 1, adds: "My dad was a record collector so I think I got it from him. He used to catalogue his records in books and notes, whenever he listened to one. It was a meticulous collection, thousands of records and I aim to get great enjoyment listening and revisiting some of the albums and artists that I was brought up with."

Liz, a professional artist who is exhibiting her work in London, admits that she did pack her collection up into boxes when she was young, but came back to it when she discovered ebay.

When I asked her how does she know the items she is bidding for are real, she says: "The Spice Girls had their costumes produced only by a handful of dressmakers and you learn their labels, their marks and even their handwriting of the dressmakers, who would write their individual names into the back of each item.

"You also buy from reputable sources… so although something might be listed on ebay I will then scrutinize that item and try to speak with the buyers to find out the provenance of this."

The most the Mancunian has spent on an individual item is £2,500 - which was for the green dress that Geri Halliwell wore on The Spice World tour just before she left the group. It was also the dress Liz says she saw her in at a concert in Manchester.

Her ambition now is to meet all the Spice Girls at once and to get hold of that Union Jack dress, which is currently in a Hard Rock cafe in Las Vegas.

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