Families are furious that their street has been closed for two months - and they say workmen have only been out once. 

A section of Fulford Grove, in South Oxhey, has been closed since the asphalt sank, on June 24.

Neighbours say the "dangerous" closure limits access for emergency services and waste collectors.

One driver mounted the kerb to get around the closure and subsequently smashed down a neighbour’s wall.

Merilyn and Bernard Reidy, who live in the street, said families “are up in arms” about the situation.

Mrs Reidy said: “It is a joke. Everybody who lives here is moaning about it and we are completely sick of it.

“It is a nightmare when the bin men come – the closure means they are having to reverse half way down the street, and back out on to a busy, main road. It is so dangerous.

“We have barely seen a worker here since they closed the road months ago. We want to know what is going on.”

Ringway, the highway maintenance team who work on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, cordoned the road off on June 24.

Preliminary investigations suggested there were sewer problems below ground, and the case was passed over to Thames Water at the start of July.

Three Rivers District councillor Andrew Scarth, who represents South Oxhey, is urging Thames Water to fix the road.

He also asked Ringway to temporarily block the pavement so drivers can no longer mount the kerb.

“It is a very dangerous situation. Emergency services would certainly struggle to get down the road and residents do not want people driving on the pavements,” he said.

“It is the summer holidays – kids are going to be playing out all the time. They will not be safe if drivers are mounting the kerb.

“This is an urgent matter and has already taken too long. Thames Water need to get this issue fixed.”

Kevin Carrol, Ringway divisional manager, said: “Fulford Grove was closed on June 24 on safety grounds following the discovery of void in the carriageway.

“The void was suspected to relate to an issue with Thames Water’s underground apparatus and was passed to them to investigate.

“Thames Water have undertaken initial investigation works but further work is required by them to identify the cause of the problem.

“The road will remain closed until works to resolve the issue can be completed.”

Thames Water was contacted for a comment but has not responded.