PEOPLE of ten different religious faiths came together at the weekend to pray for world peace.

Organised by the Watford Inter-Faith Association, the gathering took place on Sunday at the Friends Meeting House in Watford where representatives from the Baha'i, Brahma, Kumaris, Buddhist, Christian, Hinduism, Islamic, Jewish, Sai Baba, Sikh and Zoroastrian faiths came together to light candles and say prayers for peace.

A message was then read out from Mr Peter Dyson the deputy director of the United Nations Association in London.

Mr Dyson's message said: "At this time of such grave threat to international peace and security, we need people of different faiths to share together their understanding of truth and a respect for their common humanity. It is only by sharing together we will turn hatred to peace, violence to respect for human rights and suspicion into hatred."

Watford Inter-Faith Association is a multi-faith group which aims to unite people of all faiths and to those of no faith.

Mr Jehangir Sarosh, of the Watford Inter-Faith Association, said: "It was heart-warming to see a gathering of peoples of different faith, colour and creed being together to pray for peace.

"It was encouraging, stimulating and inspiring to hear the passionate contributions made by members of different faiths, each speaking of love and compassion and not only loving thy neighbour but loving the stranger.

"It was quite apparent, hearing the contributions, it is not the religions that have failed mankind but the religious people by misusing religions to support their actions.

"In our global village, civilisations are in continuous contact and it is imperative religions have a privileged goal to play in the dialogue among them.

"I hope and pray that just support will be given to co-operative organisations such as the Watford Inter-Faith Association to further promote understanding and dialogue to overcome fear and prejudice so that we may all work together for the common good."