Comedian Sean Lock writes and tours a new stand-up show every three years, where he shares his latest pet hates and rants about life. He is heading to the Watford Colosseum this Thursday for his latest show, Keep It Light and explains why he is preparing to let rip about how he has got to an age where everything he does is considered to be a mid-life crisis…

Can you tell me about your new tour?

It is a new stand up show that I've written and it doesn't have any specific theme, it has a lot of my thoughts and rantings and ravings. It is very hard to describe stand up but I'll be discussing ballet at some point and talk about what makes me cynical and about how I'm going through a mid-life crisis. I'll also talk about how people stare at their phone all the time and are obsessed with them, which I know isn't a unique observation but it is getting ridiculous!

Is it different to previous tours you have done in the past?

Not really, it is the same as what I always do. I haven't changed my style and I never really tell anecdotes from my life, I just tell gags.

Have you been to Watford Colosseum before?

Yes, I went there on my last tour. It was a good crowd but most crowds are pretty decent as they've come along to see you and are in the right mood. You only ever remember the difficult nights but I seem to remember it went well last time in Watford.

How long have you been on the comedy scene?

An embarrassingly long time, since 1989.

How did you get into it?

It was purely by going to pubs where there was open spots and watching stand up comedy back in the alternative comedy days and having a bash at it myself just by going to comedy clubs once a month and thinking, "I reckon I could do this." I found it was a great escape from the workplace, as at the time I was working on building sites, which was definitely different but the only job I could get at the time.

If you weren't doing comedy, what would you be doing instead?

I think it saved me from a very dreary life and don't know what I would be doing and know of any other talents that I could offer the world of business or any other walk of life. I got lucky and found something I could do, which I am grateful for.

Where do you find inspiration?

I sit in an office and squeeze out gags before touring them. I wrote the tour last year and am now taking it on the road. The industry has changed since I started out, as it is a lot bigger and when I was starting out, it was mostly in pubs. Now it is in the mainstream and loads of young people want to do it.

Who were your favourite comedians growing up?

I liked a lot of traditional British comedians, such as Tommy Cooper, Morecombe and Wise, Monty Python and even the late American comic actor Gene Wilder, I thought he was hilarious.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I liked walking, swimming, reading, things to relax. Nothing exciting, I don't go kite surfing.

What's next for you this year?

I'm doing this tour up until Christmas and will be doing more 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, so that will keep me busy enough.

Watford Colosseum, Rickmansworth Road, Watford, WD17 3JN, Thursday, September 15, 8pm. Details: 01923 571 102,