Sneakily I stormed Camelot to spy on Tring Festival Company Youth's Spamalot, at Court Theatre, and according to director Mike Code's notes, it was the first performance by a young cast and musicians in the land.

This musical production based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail features the much loved characters from the film including Arthur King of the Britons (Callum Harbour) and his knights, Lancelot the brave (Max Guest), handsome Galahad (Matt Wake), winsome yet windy Bedevere (Jack Gomm) and not so bold Sir Robin (Alex Chard). Each held their noble poise and our attention throughout aided admirably by an inventive storybook set, fine dancing and fabulous costumes.

Even the foyer was decorated with heraldic symbols, tins of Spam, photos of the cast striking regal poses and Holy Grail ale on tap.

Band director Quentin Hutchinson lead his merry musicians with aplomb and vocal director Emma Brown ensured all involved hit the right notes.

Maria Evans triumphed as the sassy songstress Lady of the Lake making her debut in a lead role. Her promising career in musical theatre is certainly assured.

All the ensemble showed passion and commitment and my teenage companions agreed this will be a very hard act for their Pump House youth to follow when they take on the show next January.

A thoroughly five-star night out for all the family.

Melanie Anglesey