An eagerly-awaited new school in Croxley Green is now accepting applications.

In a letter published on the school’s website, Croxley Danes School’s head teacher Josephine Valentine said applications are now being accepting and the open evening on September 20 will go ahead.

Pupils are expected to enrol in 2017, but will spend their first year of study at St Clement Danes School before relocating to the permanent site in Baldwins Lane.

Dr Valentine said: “The Department for Education and Education Funding Agency have assured us that they are confident that we can deliver Croxley Danes School for a 2017 opening. This is based on their detailed knowledge of the land negotiations which have been taking place, our planning and their experience of working with a large number of schools in our position.

“We are pleased, therefore, to announce that the school is now in a position to advertise and accept applications for 2017 secondary transfer.

“We are cautiously optimistic that subject to the swift conclusion of land negotiations and a Funding Agreement being signed by the Secretary of State for Education, the school will open in September 2017.”

For 2017/18 the school will accommodate 120 students, however this will increase to 180 pupils from September 2018 onwards.

In Feburary, the Observer reported that parents had started a petition to get the school open.

Families were initially told the school would open in 2016 but complications with the chosen site delayed the opening. Education chiefs also argued that south west Hertfordshire had enough secondary places in 2016, a claim that was disputed by parents.

It’s failure to open meant that St Clement Danes School had to expand to accommodate more students.