Am I the only one who is increasingly irritated by the Mayor’s patronising attitude to long-suffering residents in WBC’s latest ‘About Watford’ magazine?

It was abysmally short on statistics apart from the inescapable obvious; the cramming of flats in already over congested wards.

While Dorothy is full of self praise and rendering any analysis or evaluation meaningless, she is busy wallpapering our town in her own image.

Her vision depicts a world of alienation, isolation, confinement and quiet despair as befits a decimated Liberal party.

Perhaps being in coalition with the now defunct local Tories did rub off.

These space-saving vertical formations are aimed at accommodating chaotic, unprecedented rises in Watford’s population while creating landlord investments rather than homes or cohesive communities.

These blocks are not high-end blocks as in Canary Wharf or the Barbican where they place a higher value on fostering social community links with quality amenities eg. gardens, events spaces, children’s playgrounds, tennis courts, as opposed to just a development.

The mayor needs to recognise that she is part of why ‘people’s lifestyles have changed,’ as studies have indeed found associations between high-rise living and childhood behavioural problems as well as slower development.

Is this her vision of Watford being ‘ a great place for families?’ I was further mystified as to her boasting of ‘enabling young people to buy their first flat.’

However, as everyone recognises, two-bed terraced houses now cost a minimum of £350,000 with rents at £1,300 a month. Well beyond the ‘living wage’.

Dorothy and her town planners, given half a chance, would LIBERALLY destroy what little there is left of Watford’s tight-knit terraced communities and euphemistically call it progress.

Myth? ‘Watford is now full.’ Dorothy must think residents are delusional. There is no match with services or road space.

She obviously doesn’t use Langley Rd, St Albans Rd, Hempstead Rd, Bushey Arches or even Watford Junction early in the morning for a seat on the train or even a bike space.

As for any sweet deals with developers she seems to have conveniently forgotten the council lost £250,000 on Watford Fields.

Finally, her rather bizarre claim to ‘work with the improve the scheme.’ Think Verulam Arms. Is that the best that people in that area can hope for?

C Paisley, Hatfield Road, Watford