A knife-wielding clown has been spotted near a children's playground in Watford.

Cheryl Warby said she was out with her daughter yesterday afternoon when she was approached by a clown holding a butter knife.

She said: "My daughter and two friends were riding their bikes up the Harebreaks towards the adventure playground when a black car fiesta or coarsa shaped stopped on the roundabout and beeped at them.

"When they looked they saw a clown face and the person was holding a butter knife he said to the girls 'I'm a clown with a knife'.

"At this point the girls screamed and rode to the adventure playground where they knew they could get help which is when 101 was phoned and it was reported to the police who said they would keep a look out.

"All three girls are scared to go out now."

Clowns are seemingly terrorising the whole of south West Hertfordshire, with police now investigating after a young girl reported seeing one clown possibly carrying a blade.

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Warnings issued over 'clown craze' sweeping Hertfordshire.

The eerie encounter took place in the Harebreaks near the roundabout at around 3.30pm yesterday.

Clowns were later seen in Radlett Road and Foxhill.

Sergeant Steve Alison from the Watford Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “I understand that these social media posts may cause concern and I would like to reassure people that we are taking this issue seriously. We will not tolerate any behaviour which causes harassment, alarm or distress to members of the community and investigations are being carried out to try and identify those involved.

“We are working closely with local schools and will be increasing patrols by way of reassurance.”

Sgt Alison added: “Although the people dressing up as clowns may think they are taking part in some harmless fun, they should be mindful of the impact their actions may have on others and be aware that any behaviour that causes another person alarm or distress could lead to them being arrested under the Public Order Act 1986.”