A lost episode of a BBC comedy has been found, almost 50 years after it was broadcast.

Hugh and I, which starred Watford-born Terry Scott and Hugh Lloyd, aired from 1962 to 1967.

Born John Owen Scott in 1927, Terry attended Watford Grammar School for Boys and got involved in acting after National Service in the Navy.

Mr Scott became best known for Hugh and I, and then his partnership with June Whitfield in Happy Ever After and Terry and June.

The actor died in 1994 and a large portion of his early work is no longer available in the television archives. Videotape was so expensive that once a TV show’s rights expired, the master-tapes were wiped and reused.

But some programmes were telerecorded by pointing a camera at a screen playing the film. A black and white 16mm copy of the videotaped programme could then be sold to overseas broadcasters.

Watford Observer:

The previously lost Hugh and I episode, Beau Jesters, first shown in December 1966, was located by Kaleidoscope, a group dedicated to vintage television.

Christopher Perry, speaking on behalf of Kaleidoscope, said: “We are delighted to have found a missing edition of Hugh and I.

“Terry Scott and Hugh Lloyd were comedy geniuses. A collector contacted us after checking he had a missing episode on www.lostshows.com.

“He quickly returned the print to us and it's in excellent condition. We hope it will encourage other people to contact Kaleidoscope."