Home sweet car park pod? It may not have quite the same ring to it, but soon might just be how many of us are living.

As affordable housing and space to build becomes increasingly sparse across the UK, particularly in and around London, many of Britain's ground level car parks stand empty overnight.

Enter the ZEDPod, a low cost, factory built, eco-friendly home, which stands on stilts over the bays of ground-level parking. The pods, despite being slim, are surprisingly spacious with modern interior design.

Understandably, you may question the pollution levels, however research revealed that air pollution is higher on a residential street than within a car park.

The components which make up the home are all built separately and pieced together, allowing them to be easily customised into studios flats or homes with one or more bedrooms.

These can be produced locally to the car park at hand, providing jobs within the area as well as low-cost homes, while eliminating cost and pollution from transportation.

The triple glazed pods have solar panel roofs with an estimated need for grid electricity during only 30 per cent of the year.

Due to the increasing value of land within cities many low rise buildings are being demolished to make way for profitable high rises. The ZEDPods have the same lifespan of a normal house, but can be moved easily should the space be needed.

The homes, which would need to be rented for £650 a month to make the investment worthwhile, are considered to be a solution to low-cost housing for students, commuters and hospital staff and can offer shared, covered outdoor areas for further living and socialising space; even the possibility of room for allotment gardens.

They have no foundations, but are held together by a specifically laid surface which carries the load. Should a double deck car park be built with their weight in mind they could also be placed one level up.

The first ZEDPod has been put together in Watford's science centre, BRE, but it could be coming to car parks all across the UK soon. Would you be willing to live in one? Let us know in the comments below.