THE elected mayor of Watford has confirmed that work has stopped on the Metropolitan Line extension.

Mayor Dorothy Thornhill said that Affinity Water has stopped working on the extension, formerly known as the Croxley Rail link.

Mike Shaw, her personal assistant, said Mayor Thornhill found out through the "parliamentary grapevine" and said they do not know why it has stopped, but confirmed that there were shortcomings in the project's funding.

But Mayor Thornhill said design work is continuing and that Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling has assured the extension is a contractual obligation.

Mr Shaw said it is believed that Transport for London has signed an agreement, whereby it has to fund any extra costs the development may incur.

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He said: "Nobody official will tell you that the project is not going ahead because that's simply not true.

"Bloggers and unnamed sources might tell you that, but we have no reason to believe the extension will not happen.

"The Government does not back damp squibs."

An artist's impression of the viaduct

A meeting between stakeholders will take place tomorrow to discuss the future of the project.

But when asked whether the public will be told a clear plan following the meeting, Mr Shaw said: "We won't be able to confirm where the funding will come from, because nobody is sure about that, but we will pass on any reassuring information that we are given."

Speaking to the Observer earlier this week, Mayor Thornhill said: "We are all concerned about the shortcoming in the funds but I think the project has come too far for them to stop it now.

"We're worried enough to have a meeting about the shortcomings with all the stakeholders, but this is to make sure we take the appropriate action and ask the right questions."

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Sources say the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan will ask the Government for more money to fund the project.

And Sean Colfer, a spokesperson for TfL, confirmed that design work is continuing, but said the other services are under review.

Speculation arose again earlier this week, after a TfL worker told the Observer that work on the extension had stopped.

And in Mr Khan's travel agenda, which was published in December, the £284.4m plan was completely omitted.

But Watford MP Richard Harrington is sure the extension will go ahead.

He said: "The Government, together with local councils and the Local Enterprise Group, has committed substantial funding to this scheme and Mr Grayling has reiterated his commitment to the project.

"I see no reason why Mr Khan wouldn’t follow through on his promise to deliver this.”

Mr Khan and Affinity Water have been contacted for a comment.