A new café with a unique twist has opened for business in Queens Road.

Friends Page Costas, Michelle Chin and Mario Karaiskos have been working hard over the past few months to turn an empty retail unit into a haven for board game fanatics.

And today (Thursday) they can revel in their achievements as the D20 Board Game Café celebrates its grand opening.  

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Miss Costas said: “Sitting around playing the Catan board game exactly one year ago to this day, D20 Board Game Café was just an idea in our heads. We can’t believe that we are finally opening.

Watford Observer:

“Saying it has been a rollercoaster ride would be a massive understatement. There have been hurdles to leap over left, right and centre, even on our opening morning, but finally we are here.

“There are literally no words to describe how elated we are to get to this point. This place feels like home to us and we can only hope people grow to love it as much as we do.”

Part of the ethos of D20 is bringing people from the far-flung corners of the gaming community together; people who share a common interest but may not have the opportunity to meet without a mutual base.

Miss Costas added: “It is the thing that is driving us, the idea of bringing people together.”