An elderly man has condemned a council’s “blasé” attitude towards health and safety, after it refused to fix a dangerous fence.

John Pink, 77, first alerted Hertfordshire County Council to the issue a week ago – but he said the council refuses to take responsibility and is trying to shift the blame on to Three Rivers District Council.

He said the footpath, between The Drive and Chorleywood Road, Rickmansworth, is used every day by children who attend the Royal Masonic School and he fears that if it is not fixed soon, someone will be badly injured.

He said: “I find it absolutely staggering that county council can be so blasé about such an apparent health and safety breach.

“One day that fence will collapse and someone will probably get hurt – and when that does happen, I’m going to make sure that the council is held responsible.

“What makes me laugh is that I received an email from the council last week, stating that the issue has been resolved – well I can assure you, it hasn’t been.”

Three Rivers District Council erected the fence but the county council took control over the footpaths and pathways more than two years ago - this means it is their responsibility to ensure the footpaths are safe.

Mr Pink said he was told to contact Three Rivers Council, but said the authority was “difficult” to deal with.

He said: “The problem with Three Rivers is that you never get anywhere. I tried calling them, but got passed from one person to the next.

“It seems that the person you need to speak to is never sat at their desk.”

Three Rivers District Council said the fence is Hertfordshire County Council's responsibility.

Hertfordshire County Council refused to comment.