The Labour Party’s candidate for North Watford at the upcoming county council elections has been announced as Councillor Asif Khan.

The announcement comes just a day after Leggatts ward councillor Anne Joynes, who also represented Callowland Leggatts at county level, resigned from her post citing “entirely personal reasons”.

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Cllr Joynes hit back at Liberal Democrat assertions that she had been deselected as her party’s candidate for the upcoming election, instead saying their candidate was “too woefully ill-informed to be a reliable representative for this area”.

Fellow Leggatts councillor Bilqees Mauthoor paid tribute to Cllr Joynes, saying: “Anne has stood up for North Watford time and time again, and worked hard to make our area even better over the years.”

A by-election is now likely to be triggered in the Leggatts ward. However two signed requests from eligible borough electors requesting the vacancy to be filled via an election need to be delivered to Watford Borough Council returning officer Manny Lewis before that can be confirmed.

It is hoped that required requests will be received quickly to enable a borough council by-election to coincide with the Hertfordshire County Council elections on Thursday May 4.