An aspiring singer and songwriter from Radlett released her debut single, Game of Life, earlier this month.

Amelia Lappert, 22, has been paving her way onto the music scene since leaving Watford Grammar School for Girls. She has had recent regional success coming as a runner-up in St Alban’s The Horn Battle of the Bands 2016, the same year she won an emerging talents contest to appear at Buryfields Festival and has featured on BBC Introducing Beds, Herts & Bucks and Radio Verulam.

Amelia’s writing contains elements of country and folk conveyed soulfully with a commercial vibe. I spoke to her to find out more…

Watford Observer:

Did your school encourage your musical creativity?

I think it would have done had I been less shy and more open to the opportunities available. It wasn’t until I began studying Music/Popular Music at the University of Liverpool that I started to come out of my shell and build the confidence to really put myself out there. However at school I did play trumpet in the orchestra, concert band and big band but I shied away from singing in front of anyone.

Do you play instruments?

Yes, I started playing piano at the age of seven, then taught myself guitar and had trumpet lessons from age 11. I actually wanted to learn trombone but was told my arms were too short!

Do you write your own music/songs?

Yes, I began experimenting with song writing from about the age of nine and haven’t stopped since. It’s almost therapeutic, instead of a writing a diary, I just put my feelings into a song.

Where do you find inspiration?

In anything and everything. Day-to-day experiences, things I’m going through, things my friends are going through, thoughts, feelings… literally anything! There’s inspiration for songs everywhere I look.

Tell me about the new single?

This is one of my most recent and more upbeat songs. It’s got an uplifting vibe and a positive message that we’re all in this one life together and we need to make the most of it and embrace the ups and downs as they are all a part of the game of life (hence the name of the song).

What have you got planned for 2017?

My secomd single is set to come out in May and then my EP will be released in June. I’ll be doing as much gigging as possible and hopefully some festivals this summer too. I post all updates about gigs and new music on my Facebook page.

Game of Life will be available on Spotify, iTunes and online stores