Hillingdon chocolatier Fifth Dimension Chocolates has won two prizes at this year’s Academy of Chocolate Awards for their luxury filled chocolates.

The independent producer was awarded silver  for their Mint & Miso filled chocolate which was introduced last autumn and is themed on Sydney’s popular fusion cuisine.

The Small Business Saturday UK Champion also gained a Bronze for their Coffee Caramel, meaning that all six of their handcrafted caramel filled chocolates are now medalists from one of the industry's top national or international competitions. 

Their Silver award-winning Mint & Miso filled chocolate shaped like Sydney Opera House reflects the multi-cultural Australian city’s culinary style of combining typical flavours from very different parts of the world to offer something new and exciting.

Co-founder Albert Chao  said: “We were surprised to see miso used in cooking with lamb once, and as mint is a well-known pairing with lamb we thought we’d give this unusual combination a try.”

Since launching their business in late 2013, Fifth Dimension Chocolates has won more than 20 accolades across several prestigious industry contests, including the International Chocolate Awards World Finals, Great Taste Awards and Academy of Chocolate Awards.