Masked animal rights activists held a demonstration in Watford town centre on Saturday.

Masked volunteers took to Watford High Street with laptops, where they displayed recent footage from slaughterhouses as part of the “Earthlings Experience” demonstration.

The group also talked with neighbours about the consequences of their food choices, hoping to educate them about the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and health effects of eating meat, dairy and eggs.

Volunteer Kirstie Currie said: “I had a beautiful discussion with a gentleman who was deeply interested in the reasons behind our presence and after a deep discussion he cried and told me about his fear of dying from Alzheimer's, like his late mother.

“We discussed science and prevention, and as we both had a common ground (having studied science) and he agreed his life could be different through his choices.”

Demonstration organiser Brad Simmons also described the shock of some neighbours when they talked about the dangers of animal products to children’s health, and the carcinogens found in meat.

He said: “We believe that the majority of people are against unnecessary animal suffering, yet every time they sit down for dinner they are going against their own core beliefs.

“TV advertisements portray a false idea of how farmed animals are treated, whilst labels on the packaging of these products such as 'free range' ease the consumer's conscience.

The demonstration, with many volunteers taking part from the Hertfordshire Animal Rights group, kicked off from 1pm on Saturday near The Moon Under Water pub.