Plans to build four new office blocks and a multi-storey car park in a Croxley business park have been approved by Watford Borough Council.

The earmarked site in Croxley Park – formerly known as Croxley Green Business Park – currently comprises six two-storey industrial buildings.

Under the outline application, these will be demolished to make way for four new four and five-storey buildings providing up to 40,000m² of office floorspace.

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The outline nature of the planning consent granted means the final design of these buildings can be tailored to the needs of the office occupants. 

To the rear of the office blocks will be a multi-storey car park, which together with a surface level facility will provide up to 875 parking spaces for the new offices.

There will also be a staff amenity building built next to the car park.

Councillor Peter Jeffree, chairman of the development management committee, said: “The committee was happy to accept the recommendations of the planning department based on the thorough consideration of the likely impacts and assurance that appropriate conditions were in place to mitigate these.

“We expect all conditions to be met so the development of further office space at Croxley Park can proceed, providing additional employment and economic growth for Watford.”

In recommending approval, the council’s planning department focused on traffic implications and the cumulative effects of planned growth within the area.

According to the council, a “robust strategy” has been put in place giving consideration to the parking numbers and highways improvements required to deliver the benefits of employment growth while maintaining a functional and fit for purpose highway network.

The council says it supports growth in employment floor space within the designated “Western Gateway Special Policy Area”, which includes Croxley Park.

As the proposed development is partially across the border, Three Rivers District Council must approve a duplicate application in order for works to proceed.