An “unconventional” installation of work from two different artists is currently on display in a church.

Organised by the curators Artjunky, Ascension at St James Church in Bushey features striking and colourful pieces from Anthony Waites, who moved from London to Bushey 18 years ago, and Julian Hutton who was born in Bushey but now lives in Croydon.

Anthony explains: “Almost immediately on entering the space we realised that we would have to exhibit our paintings in an unconventional way. Our solution was to group the paintings in a hanging installation in the space.

“An influence for Artjunky’s installation, Ascension, was a visit to New York’s Guggenheim museum in 2011, where Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan suspended from the oculus of the rotunda his full body of work.

“The decision to float the installation in space connects the piece with the idea of ascension. The hope is for the viewer to connect with the work through both looking,feeling and immersion of the floodlit space around the paintings.”