Double Sony Award winning comedian Gary Delaney has extended his tour for a fourth time, after doing the exact same with his previous show.

There’s Something About Gary is coming to the Watford Palace in Clarendon Road on September 14. It will undoubtedly be gag after gag as he showcases his joke writing skills, different to many comedians form of observational comedy.

He describes his performances as “jokes, lots of jokes and no stories, no tedious politics or opinions, no sad and sensitive bit in the middle”.

So where does he find inspiration?

“Mostly from listening to the idiots who phone talk radio late at nights,” he tells me. “Also from generally being a bit of a smart arse. Usually when people are talking to me I’m not really listening to what they’re saying, I’m picking apart how they said it to look for gag potential.”

Gary is perhaps known for his regular appearances on Mock the Week (BBC2). He is the only comic to have got two gags in the same top 10 for Dave’s Funniest Jokes from the Edinburgh Fringe.

He tells me how he has been interested in comedy since the age of 13: “From about the age of 13. I used to work on Saturdays cleaning up at a garage in Sparkbrook, Birmingham. Mopping the floors and so on. The guy who worked the till was called Sarfraz. He always listened to Adrian Juste’s show and therefore so did I.

“The show featured loads of clips from comedy albums, primarily American ones. In particular pretty much every week he played Emo Philips. Emo blew me away, such incredible writing and such short quotable gags. Whenever an Emo routine came on I’d take ages mopping the shop floor so I didn’t have to miss any by going outside to clean the pumps.

“Then Saturday Night Live started on Channel 4 so I got introduced to comics like Ben Elton, Jo Brand and Harry Enfield.”

Watford Palace Theatre, 20 Clarendon Road, Watford, WD17 1JZ. Details: 01923 235455