The Conservative candidate for next year’s mayoral election has been selected.

George Jabbour was chosen by members of the public last Thursday to stand as the next Mayor of Watford when Liberal Democrat Dorothy Thornhill steps down next May.

The 35-year-old, who moved from Syria to the UK in 2004, has worked in investment and engineering industries and also started a small business to help public sector organisations with their finances in 2009.

He said his campaign will focus on ensuring “everyone’s voice is heard”.

Mr Jabbour said: “It is an enormous privilege to be standing as the Conservative candidate for Mayor of Watford.

“Our town is flourishing but there is more to do. Watford needs a proactive Mayor who has the right skills and experiences to be an effective ambassador for our local residents, businesses and community groups.

“I will be working with our recently re-elected local MP Richard Harrington to ensure that everyone's voice is heard.”

Linda Topping, chairman of Watford Conservatives, added: "George was selected after taking questions from the audience where he demonstrated a keen local knowledge and passion for Watford.

"George’s ideas and plans for the local community will put us in pole position for the upcoming Mayoral election."