A singer from Watford has released a new single. Wild, by Jessica Murae, 23, has vocal layers over instrumentals that ebb and flow.

Born out of studio sessions with musician and producer Jake Brett, Wild was preceded by Dance To You, a track also from the sessions which has already been picked up by BBC Introducing.

Her self-titled debut EP was released late 2016 with the track Still Cold named as BBC Introducing Track Of The Week through BBC Beds, Herts and Bucks on week of release.

I spoke to her to find out more…

Watford Observer:

Were you always musical as a child?

Yes! However singing started a little later in life than most children. I was 12 when I first started entering shows

Was this encouraged at school?

Absolutely, the performing arts department were always keen to have me involved in productions, even after leaving Queens in Bushey they were wanting me back to judge their music competitions.

Describe your music.

My music is on the pop/indie side, I’ve always had a huge love for festivals and big sounds - I’ve found that my writing and melodies are often pushing for a large sound to fit a big audience. Recently, I’ve been putting quite a lot electronic sounds into my production.

Do you play instruments as well as sing?

I can play keys well enough to get me through a writing session and for me to direct producers/musicians in the correct way when describing my sound.

What inspires you?

I guess I’m inspired by nature or anything mystical; these elements often influence my song writing by using them as metaphors for things that are happening in my life. Strong female singer-songwriters such as Billie Holiday, Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell have had huge influence on my song writing too.

Tell me about the single.

Wild came about when I wanted to do something spontaneous. I had had that one word stuck in mind for weeks and knew that I was on the edge of something, the song was bursting out of me.

It was that feeling where you’re doing the same thing day in and day out and it could almost lead you to self-destruction; where at some point, if you don’t change anything then you feel like you’re on the edge to the unknown.

Tell me about the video you filmed in the Asylum Chapel in Peckham?

I was so excited to record the video for it. Jake Brett the producer managed to help build the song into this momentous exciting project which is completely reflected through the video.

The colours of pink, blue and gold looked so unique against the derelict chapel that it very quickly became my dream place to film. The wide space in the chapel reflected the idea for the song - I was able to move and dance around the room and quite literally go Wild.

What are your hopes for the future?

I just want to keep creating, I love coming up with new ideas; new visuals, melodies, lyrics and just finding influential people to work with. Performing live is definitely my favourite part of this journey, I would eventually love to tour my music.

What’s coming up?

My next single Like Magic is due for release this October too so keep an eye out for that!