A Watford estate could become Hertfordshire’s largest residential 20mph zone if residents support a proposal to reduce the current speed limit.  

A consultation, conducted by Hertfordshire County Council, has now begun and will determine whether the area in Kingswood, Garston, is suitable for the scheme.

There are no traffic calming measures – such as speed bumps – included in the proposal as average speeds have been deemed low enough not to require the installation of physical features.

Cllr Tim Williams, who is funding the consultation with his highways locality budget, said: “I do view establishing a 20mph speed zone for Kingswood as one of my priorities since becoming a county councillor in May.

“My predecessor, Cllr Derek Scudder, had previously completed a speed survey of the local roads and a feasibility study, and these results allowed us to proceed to the next stage – the first consultation.

“Kingswood is purely a residential area with many families, elderly residents, local schools, as well as a doctors’ surgery, so reducing speed will reduce chances of a serious accident.”

Letters informing residents of the consultation are being distributed to approximately 1,000 homes in the area. The consultation will run until Monday, October 23.

If the first consultation is supported, a second will take place early next year. If this is also successful, it is hoped that the 20mph zone will be established later in 2018.