We sent our intern, Olivia O'Driscoll, out to the streets of Watford to speak to people about whether the sexual harrassment scandals gripping Westminster, Hollywood and other professions have gone too far.

But she never expected to be harrassed while on the job herself...

She said: "I interviewed a man, who looked to be in his 30s, and was shocked when he belittled the subject and laughed it off.

"I asked him if he’d ever been harassed, spoken to inappropriately, or seen it happen and his reaction was nothing short of shameful.

"He had the audacity to chuckle, before mumbling how he would “love it to happen to him”. I’ll admit, it made me feel uncomfortable and worried.

"I quickly got the impression he wasn’t taking me very seriously so hastily ended the interview and went to leave. But on my way out he grinned, and asked me if I would like to meet him for a drink.

"This eye-opening experience revealed to me just how rife the issue of sexual assault and harassment is, and how not everyone is willing to stand up for what is right.

"In light of the Westminster scandal and the allegations surrounding Hollywood, I would have hoped people’s opinions would have shifted a little. Clearly, that’s not the case."

But luckily, she managed to speak to others who were all too willing to share their comments on the matter.

Tate Madombue, 27

Watford Observer:

“Sexual assault is wrong, whether it’s concerning a male or female.

"I watched a video on sexual harassment on YouTube the other day where they conducted a social experiment to see how people would react to both men and women being harassed.

"I was surprised to see that when the man was being sexually harassed by the women no one reacted or cared.”

Dave Haulton, 22

Watford Observer:

“Sexual assault is wrong, people are rude and take it too far.

"However some people take it to the extremes to the point where even if someone compliments them they get overly offended."

Steve Knight, 58, a poppy seller in the town centre

Watford Observer:

“I am shocked to see how many sexual assault cases are popping up in the media these days, it seems to be a big problem.

"Although I have never personally experienced it or seen it happen, it is definitey shocking to see just how many people are affected and experiencing sexual assault.”  

Melissa, who works in Waterstones

“The amount of sexual harassment women have to go through is absolutely appalling, it happens in every working environment and outside of work too.

"Every working woman knows or has heard of ‘the creepy guy you should avoid’ in their office, it just shows how casual sexism is so ingrained in our society."

Fast food worker Sandesh, 39

“I don’t think it’s right at all, its great women are now standing up for themselves and speaking up about it, personally I’ve never experienced it but I do know of people who have and it’s awful.

"A lot of men cross the line between being friendly and being too forceful with their approach, they should be more considerate.”