A WOMAN is desperately trying to reunite some “lovely and fantastic” old photographs with their rightful owner’s family.

Carol Lawton, of High Road, Leavesden, found a number of black and white shots taken by J.B (Bob) Nunn taken in the 1950s and 1960s in her garage.

The 70-year-old and her late husband, John, were part of the Watford Camera Club until around five years ago.

John had helped the club compile an archive of the best photos taken over the years – but for some reason, Bob was never reunited with his.

“It seems a shame to throw them away and I didn’t like the idea of doing that,” Mrs Lawton said. “I’d be happy to give them back to his family.

“They are all such nice and lovely photos.”

Some pictures were taken in the 1940S, 50S and 60s and show a Russian sputnik in a museum, an old bobby making a call in a police phone box and of some of the club’s outings.

Others were taken in Paris for his Royal Photographic Society Panel and show black and white shots of the Eiffel Tower.

One photo shows a child aged around two or three captioned Dennis, and Mrs Lawton believes this could possibly be Mr Nunn’s son.

The only information she has is that he died and his wife moved away, and she has struggled to make contact with his family.

Bob also wrote a number of photography books about Watford, including ‘The Book of Watford: A Portrait of our Town’.

Her own husband, John, died of a respiratory illness earlier this year and the pair were keen members of the camera club.

She added: “There are some fantastic shots here. They were all taken in a dark room I don’t know if they’d be sentimental to his family.”