A "wonderful" church community which took out a loan to pay for a new roof four years ago wants to inspire people to help fundraise.

All Saints Church, in Leavesden, borrowed £40,000 in 2013 after the roof on the Grade II listed building fell into disrepair.

They set themselves a goal of raising £4,000 a year to help pay it back - and are now appealing for people to help.

Priest Eddie Green said: "I don't want it to sound like we're begging for money, we're on target to repay the loan.

"It's just when you reopen a church and take the scaffolding off, some interest from the local community in raising the money disappears.

"The challenge we've had is that some it's been harder to raise the money we need to finish our loan repayments."

"But so far, people have been incredibly generous."

They have held a number of events over the last few years to help raise the money back and have met their goals each year.

These include a Christmas fair and an annual ball, with the help of local businesses.

While the building was not in desperate need for repairs at the time, the congregation thought it was better to get it done sooner rather than later.

"The congregation are absolutely delighted with the new roof, it means we can keep the church open a few days a week instead of during allocated times," he added.

The church holds weddings and christenings, as well as play groups for children.

Member Sarah Hayes' daughter, Lucy, three, was christened at the church three years ago.

Her company, Skanska, are allowing her to help with the fundraising during working hours as part of its 'Lend a Hand' scheme.

She said: "It's such a lovely community, it's a really picturesque building.

"My motivation for doing this is because everyone's so friendly and helpful and I want to be able to help."

To help raise money, contact...