A new development has been given permission after the plans included an increased number of parking spaces, though there are still fears this will not be enough.

The Cecil Street development, which will see seven new houses built, was given planning permission at last week's Watford Borough Council's development management committee meeting after it added eight parking spaces and access from Judge Street to its plans.

The development was refused permission in September due to the lack of parking and impact on parking congestion in neighbouring roads.

But Cllr Ahsan Khan, ward councillor for Callowland, opposed the plans, saying eight spaces is not enough due to the "chronic problem" of parking on Judge Street and the surrounding streets.

He said: "The Judge Street development is no more than cramming maximum profit in a small space at the cost of local residents and that is why I spoke against it and my Labour colleagues on the committee did not supported it."

In his presentation to the committee, Cllr Khan said there should be at least 14 parking spaces in this site, so residents would have a space for themselves and a visitor accounted for.

Mayor Dorothy Thornhill has said the Labour group's main issues with the parking spaces seemed to be due to the reduction in size of people's gardens in the development, but the Labour group dispute this.

She said: "Homes for people with car parking will be very desirable in that part of town.

"The government have just doubled our housing targets so applications we turn down will have a very strong chance of being passed by government inspectors.

"We are between a rock and a hard place and just saying no is not an option."

The development must begin construction within the next three years.