Supermarket staff changed churchgoers lives in a "big way" after pitching in to help refurbish the building.

Elim Pentecostal Church, in St Albans Road, Watford, welcomed a team from Tesco who pitched in to spruce it up.

It had a severe leakage problem, including the area where they provide a fresh food bank service.

Lois Mcgovern, the personal assistant of Pastor Guy Miller said: “The leakages were threatening the services and facilities we offer to the community.

“The walls were decaying and the place felt damp.”

Tesco Extra Watford got together with Tesco Maintenance to refurbish the church after seeing their desperate plea for help after seeing an appeal in the Watford Observer.

Mrs Mcgovern said: “Tesco have changed our lives in such a big way.

“For the services we offer, it’s bad to bring people in to a place which is damp and wet but after this refurbishment it looks so homely and welcoming.

30 Tesco maintenance colleagues and 20 Tesco Extra Watford colleagues took time out to spend two days painting the whole church.

Jessica Jobe, customer experience manager at Tesco Extra Watford said: “We felt we could make a big difference and give something back to our community.”

“People from as far as Clacton and Southend have travelled here just for these two days, it’s been great to get everyone together to help out.”

The project is costing Tesco around £10,000.

Mrs Mcgovern said: “Many companies have got in touch to help but couldn’t offer the required services so we are very grateful for Tesco.”

Tesco has also been donating fresh food to the church for the past five months.

Mrs Mcgovern said: “When they say Tesco is for the community, I really believe that.

“I can’t wait for to people to come in and see how nice the church looks on Sunday.”

Elim Pentecostal Church has been providing hot meals for the homeless on Sundays for the past 20 years, alongside their fresh food bank available seven days a week.

The church is still trying to raise funds to pay for the scaffolding and maintenance works, which comes to over £7000.