A dog suffered “sore paws” when she jumped out of a window and became trapped between two walls for several hours after being spooked by fireworks.

Taba was discovered wedged head-first in a six-inch-wide gap in the back garden of a concerned woman’s home in Oxhey Road, Watford, on the evening of Saturday, November 4.

The “scared” pet had got stuck between a conservatory and a brick wall and the RSPCA was immediately called.

However, fire crews and an emergency vet were also required to sedate Taba and pull her out with ropes during a three-hour rescue operation.

RSPCA inspector Rachel Smith said Taba has now been reunited with her owners and has been wearing slippers while her paws recover - although she is “a little more subdued than normal”.

She said: “Taba was very lucky to have been found in the first place. The lady who called us only found Taba stuck down the side of her conservatory after her cats started to act strangely in the garden.

“Taba, who isn’t a small dog, ran into the gap head-first, possibly because she was spooked by fireworks, but then she got completely wedged. She barely had room to breathe.

“She was so scared and distressed - I was concerned that she was going to wedge herself in even tighter, but I managed to get a hook around her collar and hold her in place while I called the fire service.”