People will no longer be able to drop off or pick up their children outside a primary school after parents complained about “unsafe” parking.

Three Rivers District Council is launching a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) near Shepherd School in Mill End, after receiving feedback from a consultation.

Some of the concerns raised included “inconsiderate” parking blocking driveways and bus stops in the area, as well as school children’s lives being put at risk.

In early 2018, anyone wishing to pick up their children from the school will need to park outside the PSPO zone once it is active.

Parking will be available nearby at the Mill End Sports Club and William Penn Leisure Centre car parks and the council will be constructing a path from the Leisure Centre Car Park to the school.

Roger Seabourne, who represents community safety, said: “The measures are being introduced after the Council reacted to ongoing safety concerns by the public about pedestrian safety.

“Parents and young children can expect a safer journey to school and we hope the PSPO will reduce the impact of traffic levels, by encouraging people to walk or cycle, and also ensuring the safety of the people using the roads.”

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