Plans to build temporary accommodation have been slammed for ‘imposing’ on nearby homes in a quiet street.

Proposals have been put forward to demolish the existing garages in Bowring Green, South Oxhey and replace them with six flats with two bedroom and car parking spaces.

Nicola Ford, who lives in Letchworth Close, in South Oxhey, believes the proposals have not been “thought out properly” as the new building will overlook people’s properties and back gardens.

She said: “It is such a small, quiet street tucked away in the middle of nowhere. The people moving into the area will have nothing to do as there are not enough amenities such as doctor’s surgeries.

“It’s going to impose on residents and the plans have not been thought out properly, as the garages back onto their gardens.

“The building will overlook their properties and the access to the close is already strained, as larger vehicles cannot get through and there will certainly also be an increase in traffic.”

A spokesperson for Three Rivers District Council said: “This is a planning matter that will be considered by the planning committee in due course.”