A family who light up their house each Christmas are dismayed that a major decoration was stolen just a day before their big switch on.

Dougie Davis, who lives in Courtlands Drive, says somebody entered his front garden and ruined the family's display for a second year in a row.

Mr Davis noticed this morning that the wires connecting his LED train and reindeer had been cut and that the train and reindeer had been stolen.

He said: “It was last night, any time after half six. I came back to my house this morning and noticed the wires just hanging and then it hit me that our stuff had been taken.

Mr Davis, who lives with his partner and four children, added: “I’m so disappointed. Christmas is meant to be about a community spirit and bringing people together.

“I’ve had neighbours coming over and seeing what’s going and cars beeping when they drive by.

“We like to go over the top, we do it for Halloween as well. Our kids were looking forward to seeing it all so much. I’m even dressing up as Father Christmas!”

Mr Davis is appealing for anyone who may have seen someone in his front garden last night, or anyone who has been approached to buy the train or reindeer, to contact the police.

However, he is adamant the theft won’t affect the family's big switch on.

The lights will be turned on at 5pm today at the house in Courtlands Drive, close to the junction with Ashfields and Silver Dell.