PEOPLE turned out in force to march Worlds AIDS Day.

More than 15 organisations and 50 people attended the Health MOT Event at Watford Town Centre to help people from all communities get support and advice on health issues.

The event was held at Holywell Community Centre in Chaffinch Lane, Watford.

Organisations at the day included theStoke Association, Stop Smoking Services, Prostate Cancer, Herts MIND Network and Herts Aid.

During the event, visitors were offered an opportunity to use a Boditrax machine, that allowed members of the public to do a quick body scan, which showed them their body composition in just a few minutes.

Juddy Otti, from a charity Herts Aid, said: “Our Health MOT Event provided an opportunity for all participants to learn the facts about HIV & break down stigma still attached to AIDS.

“Today, there is treatment and laws to protect affected people however our event reminded us that this illness has not gone away and we all still need to continue fighting prejudice.”