Neither 2016 nor 2017 could be described as predictable, so I don’t want to make too many predictions about 2018!

At a local level, I hope we can make progress in respect of the Metropolitan Line Extension (previously known as the Croxley Rail Link) but, at the time of writing, there remains uncertainty. It is important that the construction work begins in the next few months.

We will see two new schools opening on their permanent sites – Croxley Danes and the Reach Free School – providing more school places in the area. It will be very good news for local families when the new facilities become available.

Wearing my ministerial hat, I will be focusing on Universal Credit being implemented across the country – including in Watford and Three Rivers.

And, of course, Brexit will continue to be the big political issue. It will be important to implement the referendum decision in the best possible way and get a good deal with the European Union.

But, no doubt, there will be plenty of unexpected events – both locally and nationally – so I am not expecting a quiet 2018.

l David Gauke is Conservative MP for South West Hertfordshire