People are being encouraged to recycle their left-over festive items in a bid to cut down on the amount of waste being produced over the Christmas period.

Hertfordshire County Council has advised that festive waste such as drinks bottles, cans and small bits of cardboard packaging should be placed in recycle boxes and left by the kerbside to be collected by bin men.

Left-over food can be reused in tasty recipes and food scraps be used for compost.

Real Christmas trees can also be recycled in some borough and district councils.

Terry Hone, who deals with waste at the council, said: "A huge amount of waste is produced over the Christmas period and we want Hertfordshire residents to think about recycling and reusing more.

“While we particularly want people to recycle during the festive period, it’s equally important that they carry it on throughout the year.

“We urge people to make a New Year’s resolution to produce less waste and recycle more.”

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