Captain Tom Sawyer RA 7 Sphynx Battery 29 Commando KIA 14th January 2009 Afghanistan Our Precious Son, Beloved Husband, and much loved Brother, Grandson, Nephew and Friend. It seems like yesterday but feels like a lifetime since we had to say goodbye to you Sweetheart. A nightmare from which we will never wake up. Our lives were shattered when we lost you and the passing years have not eased the pain in our hearts nor the ache in our arms where we can no longer hold you. You are missed beyond measure and always in our thoughts. We remain so very proud of you and the man you became. A true Officer and Gentleman. So many precious memories we hold close in our hearts. Your beautiful Kai is now back with you and brings with her a piece of our hearts. You were everything and more to us and all who knew and loved you and love you still. Rest easy in the knowledge that you will never be forgotten and are remembered with pride every day. Until we are together again All our love always. Love You Round the World and Back Again Your heartbroken Mum and Dad, Katy, Wendy, Adam & Kaidan, & All your Loving Family and Friends xxxxxxx