Preschool children were visited by a minister to learn about his role for a national awareness day.

Children at Boys and Girls Nursery in Croxley Green were visited by Associate Minister of Croxley Green Baptist Church Jonathan Bishop to celebrate World Religion Day and learn more about his role.

He told the children why he loves what he does, described the various ceremonies and his favourites parts of his role.

The children then responded by producing colourful art pieces while discussing other religions celebrated throughout the nursery.

Natasha Kirby, director of Boys and Girls Nursery said: "We live in a multi-cultural society and these visits help children to understand that different religions are celebrated throughout the world - a key objection of the EYFS.

"We are grateful for our visitors to take the time out of their day to speak with the children."

The visit is part of the 'mini VIP event' series which take place monthly, coinciding with days of interest or seasonal activities.